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October 1, 2019

Providing cutting edge medical imaging technology goes way beyond selling equipment: it is also about supporting customers through a diversity of scenarios. Canon Medical Systems aims to provide the best service and highest levels of support. It incorporates an holistic approach to service that not only includes the highest level of technical support on a practical level, but also through the creation of tangible benefits from dynamic partnership.

“It’s our job to let physicians focus on patients, by happily taking away the burden of maintaining the equipment. We do everything in our power to keep customers happy.” – Rob de Jong, European Service Director.
Canon Medical Systems Service offer has been shaped and is managed by Rob de Jong, European Service Director, and Afshin Hamzei, Senior Service Manager. Service is provided through a network of 49 companies covering 52 countries, which combine Canon Medical Group companies, as well as Canon Medical partners. The relationship with these partners goes way beyond dealership, It’s a partnership that works closely together to deliver the best possible customer service experience.

Key issues in service for our customers include:


Maintaining medical equipment requires special care and highly trained service professionals. Canon Medical draws on its wide-ranging skills to deliver the best possible service. Handling the delivery of approximately 25,000 service parts each year in 52 countries, meeting cross border challenges in many cases, Canon Medical almost always delivers the parts onsite at expected date.


One of the main challenges in servicing medical imaging devices is that equipment is aging. Many systems currently used by various medical institutions in Europe are older than 10 years and some are obsolete. Financial pressures can often necessitate the use of old systems, which can be potentially more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Cyber security

The number of cyberattacks has increased tremendously over the past few years. Canon Medical uses whitelist antivirus as standard on its equipment, which is more secure than traditional antivirus. By continuously working with software developers, cybersecurity strategies are constantly improving. And there is a global effort to raise awareness of cybersecurity and better protect systems.

Remote solutions

Remote technology offers new opportunities that expand the boundaries of service.
Canon Medical has a dedicated Product Security incident Response Team (PSIRT) in Japan that communicates with all relevant global organizations in this field. PSIRT observes, assesses and offers solutions if any threat appears on its radar.
In Europe, the initiative is relayed by Canon Medical’s Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CIRT), which reports potential risks in each country, before they reach international level, to PSIRT.

Its remote service system, Innervision, which issues automatically created alerts to prevent down time. Alerts are generated and send to the engineers in charge, to determine which course of action to take.

In addition, there is a growing trend towards predictive service in healthcare, as any ‘break and fix’ approach is becoming obsolete.

Canon Medical’s advanced service offer and capabilities have helped set new standards in the whole imaging and diagnostics equipment industry.

» “Customers prefer to know in advance what is going to happen with their equipment. That can have a positive effect on both cost and downtime. They can plan what they will need to spend to keep their equipment up and running. This is the biggest change we will see in the near future.” – Afshin Hamzei, Senior Service Manager.«

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