CSR 2022 - Our Stakeholders

We closely work together with a wide range of stakeholders, united by the desire to improve patients’ lives.

Our customers

First and foremost, we collaborate closely with our customers, doctors and other specialists at hospitals and medical clinics. We also work closely with universities and research institutes in a constant quest to improve our products and services (see the ‘Our products’ chapter for more details).

Our suppliers

To produce the right products, we make efforts to select the right suppliers.

Our supply chain

The products we sell worldwide through our subsidiaries are made in our own factories in Japan, Malaysia, China and Brazil. This integration of part of the supply chain with our company ensures that we can make and supply the best possible products. Resources and products, including semiconductors, magnets and various raw materials, are procured by production units from a variety of suppliers. These suppliers are subject to a set of requirements in the areas of quality, reliability, price, environmental management, health, safety and possible social effects. These requirements are set out in our management system, green procurement standards, Supplier Code of Conduct and Procurement Policy. Additionally, key suppliers are regularly subjected to supplier audits.

CSR developments in the supply chain

Requests and requirements from our customers and prospects regarding environmental, social and governance issues increase every day. We analyzed this development on a global level and found that the demands placed on our subsidiaries varied from modest to extremely stringent requirements. The same is true of public online demands such as for evidence of our action plan, evidence of our commitment to the SDGs, and detailed demands on a product level.

I think we need to move from a sales-based company to a valuebased company that acts because we recognize the value of taking responsibility on CSR more holistically and aim for more prosperity for all. A good example here in the Netherlands are the donations we make to the Dutch Children Cancer-free Foundation through our customer survey program. When customers fill in the survey, we make a donation to the Foundation.

I believe we can take our focus on quality products and services to the next level and apply this knowledge and expertise to CSR to deliver quality products in a more sustainable way.

At our office I also hope to see more effort on lowering our environmental and carbon impact. We will move to another building soon and with the implementation of ISO14001 I hope we will pay more attention to CSR once we’ve moved.

The CSR possibilities are endless and we just have to do it. The offsetting and carbon reducing activities of the UK are an excellent example of how we can make CSR work on the environmental side. Offsetting is of course not the only answer to global crises such as climate change, but it is an important step to take as an organization.

For me, ‘Made for Life’ means broadening our scope and diversifying our perspective from the patient as the sole stakeholder to other stakeholders as well. I think about charity, helping people in other countries, performing essential research with partners and more. And we want to start thinking beyond human welfare. Think about the donations we make to the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals after our Veterinary webinar ‘Medical Imaging for pets. Made for Life is literally for everybody and everything.

Jarno Heemskerk
Benelux Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance Officer
Canon Medical Systems Nederland

Our community projects

And last but not least, we strive to collaborate with local communities in the countries where we have branches.

One of our key objectives is contributing to local communities in the countries where we operate. Given our Made for Life philosophy, we focus not only on improving patients’ lives but also on improving opportunities for less privileged individuals and communities.

Each branch of Canon Medical Systems Corporation has a budget for contributing to the most relevant target groups in the country or region where it operates. We also contribute by providing medical equipment for social purposes free of charge. Lastly, we take an active part in various activities such as maintaining a biodiverse garden around our headquarters in Japan and helping out on clean-up days.

Specific examples of our contributions to the people, planet and prosperity issues of communities in 2021 include:

I. Canon Medical Systems Malaysia worked with local and overseas universities, as well as neighbor Toshiba at a tree planting event, a beach cleaning event and a turtle sanctuary.
II. Canon Medical Systems Germany cooperated with a university hospital on CT and made a donation to a children’s hospital.
III. Canon Medical Systems UK cooperated with an organization on carbon offsetting, with a heart research institute, with a university on women’s health and with a university on machine learning. It also contributed to a young people’s project and made donations toward dog support for people with autism.
IV. Olea Medical sponsored a hockey team, young doctors and coastal water protection.
V. Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies hosted a charity run and donated to an organization against child labor.
VI. Canon Medical Systems Australia supported research and education at several hospitals.
VII. Canon Medical Research USA supported a homeless shelter and schools (elementary and secondary). It also participated in the Adopt-a-Highway program.
VIII. Canon Medical Systems Korea conducted research with major university hospitals and made donations to the Red Cross.
IX. Canon Medical Informatics allowed paid time off for performing community services.
X. Canon Medical Systems Singapore provided sponsorship for the education fees of a radiography student.

Support to other organizations and financial support

Sportsman with a story

Canon Medical Systems Corporation has sponsored Masato Koyamada since 2015. We support Mr. Koyamada because he is an active and talented sportsman despite losing his right forearm in an accident at the age of 2. In addition to his own athletic activities, Mr. Koyamada is also making efforts to improve the level of Japanese golfers as a director of the Japan Golf Association for the Disabled. He told us that he hopes to make golf an official Paralympic sport at the next games in Los Angeles. His dream as a player is to participate in a senior tournament and win a gold medal at the Paralympics!

Donation of 10,000 protective suits

As a token of our sincere appreciation to medical personnel and others involved in daily efforts to prevent new coronavirus infection, we donated 10,000 protective suits to the city of Otawara, where our head office is located, and the neighboring city of Nasu-Shiobara in Tochigi Prefecture.
These protective suits will be used at vaccination sites, accommodation and treatment facilities for mildly infected patients, and nursing care facilities.

Support for onsite novel coronavirus testing

At the FINA Swimming Diving World Cup held at the Tokyo Aquatics Center, we used our novel coronavirus testing solution to conduct on-site testing of visitors, staff and athletes every day for nine days in a row.

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