Online Oncology Days
Day 5 | Prostate Cancer

Online Oncology Days | Day 5 - April 21, 2022 | 7 pm (CEST) / 1 pm (EDT)

Prostate Cancer​ | Ultrasound/MRI

Trends in Diagnosis and Follow-up

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer in men. For all men with elevated PSA and clinical suspicion of prostate cancer, MRI has transformed the diagnostic pathway with a frontline position before prostate biopsies (1). The superior sensitivity of MRI also complements the ultrasound-guided biopsy in an innovative fusion technique to target a suspicious lesion and shortening your procedure time. Our speakers will share all the newest developments in the exciting field of prostate cancer together with the benefits of our technology in this field.

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  • Return to the basics in multi-parametric Prostate MRI - Dr. Pierre Leyendecker
  • MP-MRI for Evaluation of Patients Suspected of Having Prostate Cancer - Prof. Richard Barr
  • MRI-TRUS Fusion-Guided Transperineal Prostate Biopsy - Dr. Katrien Gieraerts
  • Live Q&A
Why should you attend?
  1. To understand the importance of multi-parametric MRI interpretation for the practicing radiologist
  2. To learn how multi-parametric MRI is used in for the clinical management of prostate cancer patients
  3. To discuss technical novelties of prostate MRI in 2022
  4. To learn how MRI-TRUS fusion-guided transperineal prostate biopsy increases the cancer detection rate


Moderator: Prof. Jelle Barentsz, MD, PhD
Professor of Radiology, Chair Prostate
Radboud University Medical Center
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Prof. Jelle Barentsz is MD since 1980 and received his research PhD in 1990. He is a Professor of Radiology since 1998 and is currently the Chair of the Radboudumc Prostate MR-Reference Center.
His research led to the implementation of PI-RADS in 2012, which became the world standard for prostate MRI. The '4M' paper from his group and other articles were the basis for the change of the European and Dutch prostate cancer guidelines. Now, it is recommended to use prostate-MRI before a biopsy.
His work also led to the "rebirth" of ferumoxtran-10 MRI, using dextran-coated iron nanoparticles as an MRI contrast agent to detect 2 mm lymph node micrometastases. A marketing-approval trial in Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands started in early 2020.

Speaker: Dr. Pierre Leyendecker, MD, MSc
Medical Imaging Group - MIM, Sainte Anne Clinic
Strasbourg, France

Dr. Pierre Leyendecker is a radiologist specialized in the field of the urinary tract and oncology. His activity is mainly settled in the Saint-Anne Clinic which is a well know oncology center in Strasbourg, France. Thanks to his position of attached practitioner in the Nouvel Hôpital Civil, University Hospital Strasbourg, he is involved in training of medical students in radiology. He is a member of the French association of Urology (CLAFU) and participates in research partnerships with urologists.

Presentation title: Return to the Basics in Multi-Parametric Prostate MRI
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) offers reliable visualization of potentially significant prostate cancers and thus has shown advantages as a means by which to better select patients for biopsy and facilitate direct targeting of lesions during biopsy. Major technical improvements in multi-parametric prostate MRI with the standard approach to interpretation using the prostate imaging reporting and data system version 2.1 (PI-RADS v2.1) have rapidly expanded the role of MRI in prostate cancer management in many clinical contexts, both prior to and following diagnosis. This presentation will deal with the basics of prostate MRI and screening strategies in EU.

Speaker: Prof. Richard G. Barr, MD, PhD, FACR, FSRU
Northeastern Ohio Medical University
Ohio, United States of America

Prof. Richard G. Barr is a radiologist in Youngstown, Ohio. He received his MD from Case Western Reserve University and his PhD in Chemistry focusing on MRI from Michigan State University. He did an internship at University Hospitals of Cleveland and his residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where he was the chief Resident. After a cross-sectional imaging fellowship at the University of California at San Francisco he returned to his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio and joined a private practice group. He is a Professor of Radiology at the Northeastern Ohio Medical University. He has published over 150 peer review papers, edited two books, written several book chapters and presented over 500 national and international lectures.

Presentation title: MP-MRI for Evaluation of Patients Suspected of Having Prostate Cancer
This talk will review the indications for MP-MRI of the prostate. We will discuss how our urologists use MP-MRI to triage patient management and summarize our results. Our scanning protocol will be presented along with our overall experience of MP-MRI.

Speaker: Dr. Katrien Gieraerts, MD
AZ Sint-Jan Brugge AV
Bruges, Belgium

Dr. Katrien Gieraerts is radiologist at the AZ Sint Jan hospital in Bruges in Belgium. She is an expert in ultrasound, ultrasound-guided biopsies, including fusion-biopsies, and breast-imaging. Last year she focused on MRI-TRUS fusion-guided transperineal prostate biopsies in cooperation with the urologists.

Presentation title: MRI-TRUS Fusion-Guided Transperineal Prostate Biopsy
MRI-TRUS fusion-guided transperineal prostate biopsy is an accurate technique for detecting clinically significant prostate cancer in patients with suspicious findings on MRI of the prostate. We focused on the development of a technique that can be done in an outpatient setting and under local anesthesia. This procedure is well tolerated by the patient, easy to learn and has a low complication rate.

Scientific Evidence: Prostate Cancer | Ultrasound/MRI

Download scientific evidence on oncology solutions using Canon technologies here.


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  1. Mottet N, et al. | EAU-EANM-ESTRO-ESUR-SIOG Guidelines on Prostate Cancer-2020 Update. Part 1: Screening, Diagnosis, and Local Treatment with Curative Intent. | Eur Urol. (2021)


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