SURESubtraction CT

SURESubtraction (SCT) Imaging

Enhanced iodine imaging with color mapping and angiography subtraction CT

The pixel perfect iodine extraction in SCT imaging is enabled by industry-leading 3D deformable registration algorithms.

Iodine Mapping SCT
  • Display local iodine concentration
  • Detect/rule out contrast enhancement
  • Detect local perfusion differences
  • Differentiate iodine from calcium
  • Virtual contrast boost
  • Routine with any multi-phase protocol
  • Zero-click workflow

Angiography SCT
  • Automatically remove bone, calcium and stents
  • Visualization of the true vessel lumen for better quantification
  • Whole body CTA, brain CTA, carotids, aorta, run-off
  • Zero-click workflow

 ⁠ Better outcomes led by intelligent technology

Registration algorithms for precise iodine extraction

Experience diagnostic confidence that comes with industry-leading 3D deformable registration algorithms. The output of this registration is the precise extraction of iodine contrast media from the datasets provided.

Making complex protocols a routine

Automated image processing

 ⁠Canon Medical has optimized the SCT workflow enabling fully automated results optimized from scan to diagnosis that can be delivered directly to your reading station.


Case Study

Ultra-High Resolution Subtraction CT angiography in the follow-up of treated intracranial aneurysms Read this article
SURESubtraction Iodine Mapping for Bone Metastasis Download PDF
Routine Pulmonary CTA with Iodine Mapping Download PDF
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