Versatile and multi-purpose
X-ray system


Premium Canon Technology

With the latest Canon detector and imaging software, digital images have never looked better. The Celex features the CXDI-B1 detector, which combines outstanding static image capabilities with high sensitivity, high resolution dynamic capabilities. In addition, intuitive Canon software provides sophisticated image processing for premium diagnostic image quality.

CXDI-RF Control Software

CXDI Controller RF is made exclusively for use with Canon Digital Radiography systems. This software helps to optimise workflow and reduce the steps needed to complete exams. It provides quick image confirmation and timely network distribution, supports multiple study acquisition, can easily be tailored to individual clinical preferences and helps provide the delivery of consistent, highresolution images with the Canon CXDI Digital Radiography systems.

Main features:
  • Real-time viewing of high quality images
  • Large high-resolution monitor for comfortable viewing
  • Optimised workflow with less operation steps
  • Interactive GUI for intuitive operation
  • Supports various workflows to match local requirements
  • Single and Prepacked Protocols
  • Emergency study capability
  • Suspend Exam
  • Reject Analysis
  • Automatic forwarding rejected images to a designated analysis workstation

Dose Reduction for Patients and staff


The Celex has been designed with patient and user safety in mind. In addition to the carbon fiber patient table, the Celex is entirely designed from material that allows minimum X-ray absorption for maximum dose minimisation. Moreover, the grid can easily be removed from the detector housing for reducing the dose to the detector during pediatric and/or extremities examinations. Extensive movement ranges allow the patient table to be moved out of the X-ray beam. This allows to save dose in e.g., swallow or standing examinations by keeping the clear space between the tube and detector.

Sophisticated Canon software with specialized algorithms to reduce dose, specific programs for pediatric patients and all areas of the patient contributes to the dose minimisation. The sophisticated algorithms include noise reduction, advanced edge enhancement and contrast boost.

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