Mobile and lightweight without sacrificing image quality


The small footprint and patented Easy Move technology of Mobirex+ affords exceptional maneuverability and conserves space for maximum flexibility. Its telescopic column improves the line of sight for safe and easy transportation of the system around your facility.
Proven image quality anywhere you need it

Mobirex+ is powered by Canon’s next generation wireless detectors and imaging software. The ultra-lightweight, waterproof detectors with integrated battery and image storage can be used on the system or shared with others.

For optimal imaging flexibility Mobirex+ manages up to 8 portable detectors. Specific detectors can not only be selected from the workstation, but also simply by pressing the ‘Ready’ button directly on the device.
Optimal imaging, consistent results

The system’s comprehensive image processing functions and advanced imaging options enable you to consistently achieve optimal image quality with the lowest possible dose. Protocol-sensitive, automated parameter optimization ensures a fast and efficient workflow.


Image processing is made easy with the system’s intuitive Multiple Image Processing (MIP) operation. MIP can be set to single click operation or can be performed fully automated for specific RIS study. Protocols can be tailored for each exam type to suit departmental preferences.
Optional catheter enhancement improves the visibility of lines and catheters as demonstrated on this 12×12 cm neonatal chest image.

Small structures can be contrast-amplified in fine steps to improve their visibility. Notice the detail in soft tissue – even clothing structures become visible.
Innovative techniques such as the system’s integrated scatter correction and bone enhancement options help you create high-quality images at low dose.
Lines and their tips become perfectly visible in this chest drain image by simply applying the scatter correction and catheter enhancement options to the image.
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