Canon’s imaging and patient management software helps you streamline your workflow and reduce the steps required to quickly complete each exam. With its intuitive user interface, the software is perfectly suited for all types of DR examinations.

  • Common user interface
    Canon’s entire DR product range shares a common user interface – a major advantage for training, operator comfort and familiarity. At the same time, the software offers numerous configuration options for individual optimization of the user interface.
  • Optimized workflow
    With advanced applications such as autostitching and a wide range of configurations the system can easily handle daily routine as well as more demanding exams.
  • Stand-alone mode
    With integrated battery and sufficient onboard storage for up to 99 images, you can acquire images throughout the department.
  • Automated dose reporting
    With DICOM compatibility, including structured dose reporting, the software enables cross-platform connectivity and automatic patient dose reporting.
  • Easy panel selection
    When using multiple FPDs, a specific detector can be selected on the workstation or simply by pressing the ‘Ready’ button on the detector.
Everything under control
Canon’s software provides straightforward operation, advanced post-processing and comprehensive imaging management capabilities, so you always get the optimal result quickly and with ease.
Dynamic image enhancement
Canon’s imaging software provides you with a wide range of functions to optimize imaging contrast while optimizing dose.
Scatter correction
The optional scatter correction software allows you to obtain optimal image quality at significantly lower dose compared to imaging with a grid.
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