Discover Meaningful Innovations in Lung Cancer Screening at ESTI 2024

To discover the latest advancements in lung health, including a special focus on lung cancer screening, join Canon Medical at the European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI) congress in Rome (May 9–11).
Visit Canon Medical’s booth (#4) and meet our team to learn how our imaging solutions can enhance your diagnostic capabilities.

But there is more waiting for you at ESTI 2024. For the congress in Rome, we are happy to invite you to our symposium, “Exploring New Horizons in Lung Cancer Screening,” – made possible by the Canon Medical Academy – where you can hear the latest on the topic from Prof. Marie Pierre Revel, Prof. Y. Ohno, and Prof. C. Schaefer-Prokop.

Cutting-Edge CT Imaging and Emerging Trends

12:00–13:00 (CEST) | Room #1

Enhance your understanding of lung cancer screening on May 11. Join Prof. Marie Pierre Revel, Prof. Y. Ohno, and Prof. C. Schaefer-Prokop as they discuss the latest in CT technology and its impact on early detection and diagnosis. This session will provide valuable insights into recent innovations and evolving practices that are setting new standards in patient care.

  • Moderator: Prof. Marie Pierre Revel
  • Lung Cancer Screening with Cutting-Edge CT Technology | Prof. Y. Ohno
  • Advances in CT Technology: How They Affect Screening for Lung Cancer | Prof. C. Schaefer-Prokop
  • Q&A

Don’t Miss the Symposium

Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer screening is essential for enhancing patient survival rates by detecting the disease early, which leads to better treatment outcomes and specifically targets populations at higher risk.

By implementing screening programs, lung cancer can be identified at an earlier stage, when treatment options are more effective, and the chances of survival are significantly improved.


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