August 24 – September 2, 2021, 19:00 (CET) / 13:00 (EST)

Canon Online Neurology Days

The Canon Online Neurology Days consist of daily interactive webinars, led by subject matter experts from across the globe. These days will provide a platform for professional education as we discuss state of art imaging and clinical management using illustrative clinical examples.

We will begin by following an acute stroke patient pathway over 3 days; from early detection, through acute diagnostics and into the angio suite. Then we will look through the eyes of a patient to learn about diagnostic advancements in multiple sclerosis. The final day diverges into the peripheral nervous system as we will explore innovative solutions for the visualization and treatment of peripheral nerve injury.

Never before has the field of neurology been more important, or more exciting.
According to Global Burden of Disease study in Lancet*, neurological disorders are leading cause of disability and second cause of death globally, with the burden set to increase with an aging population. Fortunately, scientific breakthroughs continue to emerge driving change in clinical practice.

Canon Medical, together with our partners, strives to be the voice of neurology by bringing together experts to share discoveries and insights from research and clinical practice.


Stroke Symptoms

Identifying who is at risk of stroke remains a high priority according to the US Preventive Services Task Force*. Learn how Ultrasound and Superb Microvascular Imaging (SMI) may play a role in risk stratification by imaging Carotid plaque instability.

+ Day 1 | Symptoms | Video

Stroke Diagnostics

Imaging has been the backbone of the acute stroke treatment revolution that has brought thrombectomy to an ever-increasing number of eligible patients. Join our panel of experts to discuss how guideline updates and revised recommendations translate into clinical practice. Learn the diagnostic strategies that can be applied using both baseline and state-of- the-art imaging.

+ Day 2 | Diagnostics | Video

Stroke Treatment

Whilst thrombectomy has transformed acute stroke care, the key factor in treatment remains speed. How do you make the best decisions and perform intricate procedures under such time pressure? Our speakers will bring to life their clinical practice by sharing real-life case studies whilst highlighting the benefits of using state-of-the-art high-definition imaging systems.

+ Day 3 | Treatment | Video

Multiple Sclerosis

Worldwide 2.8 million people are living with multiple sclerosis which is an unpredictable and often disabling disease with no cure. A growing arsenal of disease-modifying therapies offers opportunities to reduce disability and extend survival, but for maximal benefit, biomarkers are needed. A complete picture of multiple sclerosis requires a combination of markers of inflammation and neurodegeneration. We will paint that picture by sharing diagnostic strategies for imaging neuroinflammatory disease in routine clinical practice as well as offering a window into the brain using optical coherence tomography (OCT).

+ Day 4 | Multiple Scleroses | Video

Peripheral Nerve Disease

More than 100 types of peripheral neuropathy have been identified, each with its symptoms and prognosis which can range from mild to severely disabling. The therapeutic management of peripheral nerve disorders requires detailed information about the location and extent of an injury. Can you see what we see? Join our experts to discover why imaging has an important role in peripheral nerve system diagnostics and learn how neuromuscular ultrasound can transform your clinical practice.

+ Day 5 | Peripheral Nerve Disease | Video


The last 5 years have been transformative for stroke treatment and clinical practice due to the landmark thrombectomy trials. However, with an aging population and an increasing burden in low-income and middle-income countries the attention also must turn to effective preventative measures to supplement these recent advances in stroke treatment.

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VISIONS Neurology Special

For the Canon Neurology Days, we have produced a dedicated VISIONS magazine special for you with many relevant articles in the field of Neurology.

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