Ophthalmic Software Platform
Perfect Workflow

Ophthalmic Software Platform RX

Canon’s extensive Ophthalmic Software Platform RX does not only include dedicated Capture software for the respective devices, but also includes RX Viewer and RX Server solutions and is fully DICOM compatible.

Perfect workflow

It is possible to start the RX Software directly from your EMR Software with a so-called command line interface. RX Software will automatically open on that patient , for image acquisition or viewing a report. This seamless integration will provide a perfect workflow. Alternatively it is possible to import a patient list from your practice management system (as CSV file) or by using a Modality Worklist in a DICOM environment. This all saves precious time and avoids any typo errors.

In addition the RX software features 3 launch pre-set buttons that can launch other vendor’s software directly. It provides seamless Integration with other software and contributes to ideal workflow.


RX Software is fully DICOM , included as standard. It allows for DICOM storage on PACS and for the use of DICOM worklists: patient list from HIS or EMR. It enhances the workflow and makes data storage future proof.

GDPR Compliance

With comprehensive anonymization tools, central account and user management, as well as advanced logging capabilities, Canon’s RX software is fully compliant with the GDPR. The software protects the privacy of your patients and allows you to properly document your studies.

OCT+ Retinal Camera

Don’t compromise on workflow and image quality. Operate a Canon retinal camera and OCT from one PC, sharing the same database. RX software offers combined reporting for this purpose.

Seamless integration

The Ophthalmic Software Platform RX was designed for seamless integration with patient management systems. RX can even be installed in a virtual server environment (e.g Citrix) in the hospital!


The Rotterdam Eye Hospital is an excellent example of the connectivity solutions that the Canon Ophthalmic Software Platform can offer. In this hospital there are over 10 Canon devices ; OCT’s and retinal cameras , all connected to a central Canon RX server. Multiple RX Viewers allow for access to studies from all consultation rooms.

All devices have a full Connection with the Patient Management System for a perfect workflow. In addition are all images also stored as DICOM on the hospital’s central PACS system.
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