EOS Retina Technology

Canon EOS Retina

Canon has a long tradition to create digital cameras that are optimized for a specific application. For instance with the EOS Ra, Canon is offering a camera ideally suitable for Astrophotography , using a modified optical low-pass filter that provides increased sensitivity to IR light and captures more colors. Compared with a standard EOS camera, four times more light at 656nm is transmitted through the Canon EOS Ra's low-pass filter. This allows the distinct red tones of H-alpha emission nebulae to be rendered with incredible color and clarity.

Using their expertise, Canon has created a unique digital camera, dedicated for ophthalmic photography, for the best possible image: the EOS Retina.

Advantages EOS retina

The internal Canon DIGIC image processor has optimal Image parameters for retinal imaging and provides true color representation .
The dedicated algorithms result in image processing that reduces the gradation of overexposure. It means that low-intensity sections (macula) are clearly visible, while maintaining the gradation in tone of the high-intensity area of the optic disc.

The clinical results are an improvement of the contrast of the nerve fiber layer and the recognition of vascular aneurysms.

Fully integrated

All functionalities of the retinal camera have fully been integrated with the EOS retina. The EOS Retina is also the heart of the unique Photometric Auto Exposure.
It can automatically adjust in real-time the intensity of the observation light and flash.


The vari-angle LCD observation screen allows for the camera to be operated while seated or standing.

32 Megapixel

The current version of the EOS Retina has an impressive resolution of 32 MegaPixel and utillizes the quality of the optical system of the retinal camera to the fullest.

Easy upgrade

The EOS retina is completely external of the retinal camera and can eventually be exchanged easily in the future for eventual upgrading to a newer digital camera version with even more Mega Pixels.
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