Workshops, symposium and demonstrations at ECR 2024 made possible by Canon Medical Academy

If you plan to attend the European Congress of Radiology 2024 (ECR 2024) and want to discover cutting-edge educational resources covering the latest imaging techniques, cost-effective methods for ongoing staff education, or supplementary materials to enhance your formal medical training, look no further. You've come to the right place: the Canon Medical Academy.

Here, you'll have the opportunity to participate in live workshops, demonstrations, and presentations hosted by world-renowned radiology experts and made possible by the Canon Medical Academy.

Canon Medical Academy: “Focus on Education”

In a world where medical advancements unfold at an unprecedented pace, leading to a divergence between clinical excellence and healthcare education, Canon Medical identified the imperative to address this disparity.
This is why we established the Canon Medical Academy.

Believing that peer-to-peer education plays a pivotal role in advancing healthcare practices, with the Canon Medical Academy, we provide a comprehensive array of educational and clinical resources tailored to the diverse needs of healthcare professionals, from the latest imaging techniques to the nuances of patient care.
Opening ceremony of the Canon Medical Academy

“Being part of the Canon Medical community offers valuable access to education, information, and hands-on experience, enabling clinicians to address shortages and enhance expertise while specializing in clinical areas and utilizing advanced equipment and solutions to benefit patient outcomes.”

Mr. Kawagishi, President and CEO of Canon Medical Systems Europe

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Don’t miss the Canon Medical Academy at ECR 2024: more than 30 workshops designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals!

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