Meaningful Innovation: Discovering Canon's Latest in Photon Counting and Area Detector CT

Showcasing Early Clinical Results

March 1, 12:30 - 13:30 - Room N (level 1)

  1. High Resolution, Wide Area, Low Dose, and Spectral: All In ONE (Insight) – Prof. Ohana
  2. Photon Counting CT: First Clinical Experience – Prof. Prokop
    Moderator – Prof. Ahmed Othman
Abstract / scope
Explore the cutting-edge realm of medical imaging with Canon's latest advancements in Photon Counting and Area Detector CT technology. Dive into a world of meaningful innovation as groundbreaking developments are uncovered that promise enhanced precision, clarity, and efficiency in diagnostic imaging, revolutionizing the landscape of healthcare diagnostics.

Learning Objectives
Be informed of the diagnostic possibilities of the fifth generation of wide-area detector CT. Learn about Canon's cutting-edge Photon Counting and Area Detector CT innovations, enhancing your understanding of their impact on diagnostic precision and healthcare outcomes.

Information on Speakers and Presentations

Moderator: Prof. Ahmed Othman, MD, PhD
Managing senior physician, W2 professorship
University Hospital Mainz
Mainz, Germany

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Ahmed Othman, MHBA, is a Board-certified diagnostic and interventional Neuroradiologist at the University Medical Center Mainz. He is currently managing senior physician and full professor at the department of Neuroradiology. Prof. Othman has 10+ years of experience in the area of computed tomography research. He is head of several research groups, one of which focuses on advanced computed tomography techniques with different projects on enhanced image resolution, AI reconstruction and spectral imaging.

Speaker: Prof. Mickaël Ohana, MD, PhD
Consultant Radiologist
Strasbourg University Hospital
Strasbourg, France

Prof. Ohana is a Professor of Radiology at the Strasbourg University Hospital (France) who specializes in non-invasive cardiovascular imaging and chest imaging.

Presentation Title: High Resolution, Wide Area, Low Dose, and Spectral: All In ONE (Insight)

Abstract: We will showcase the relevant hardware and software features introduced with the fifth generation of wide-area detector CT, the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition, that we have been using for about six months. Demonstrative cases will highlight its advances in cardiac and visceral imaging while discussing its place in the current and future CT portfolio.

Learning objectives: Be informed of the diagnostic possibilities of the fifth generation of wide-area detector CT.

Speaker: Prof. Mathias Prokop, MD, PhD
Radiologist, Professor and Chairman, Department of Medical Imaging
Radboud University Medical Center
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Prof. Mathias Prokop is Professor of Radiology and Chairman of the Department of Medical Imaging at the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. His department in Nijmegen focuses on impactful innovations in care and now hosts one of the largest research groups in Europe. His goal is to build a blueprint for healthcare in which work remains fulfilling, but care remains affordable. During his time as president of the Dutch Society of Radiology, he initiated a strategic re-orientation of Radiology away from pure reporting to a better position within future healthcare environments. He considers meaningful use of AI and scanner technology as necessary enabling factors in this process.

Learning objectives: Participants will assess the real-world applicability of Photon Counting CT in clinical practice based on initial experiences.

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