Your challenges, Our solutions

In the ever-evolving field of medical imaging, many critical challenges must be met to ensure the delivery of effective and sustainable healthcare. These challenges include staff shortages, accessibility and personalized care, sustainability, the constant requirement for innovation, and cost management in a changing environment. Our company has always been driven by a clear vision: to turn challenges into opportunities and lead change in medical imaging. "Meaningful Innovations" and "Made for Life" are not just slogans; they represent our commitment to significant and sustainable innovation, technologies that not only improve health but enrich life.

Staff shortages

The growing demand for medical imaging services is being challenged by a shortage of qualified professionals, leading to delays in diagnosis and increasing pressure on existing staff. We recognize the critical shortage of radiologists and technicians. That's why our new models incorporate advanced AI solutions, automating essential tasks and aiding diagnosis. These "Meaningful Innovations" reduce staff workload, allowing them to focus on what really matters: patient care. Integrating artificial intelligence to automate task such as mass data processing and diagnostic guidance can significantly lighten workloads. This not only addresses staff shortages, but also improves diagnostic accuracy.

We are also convinced that training is part of the answer to the problem. For the ECR 2024, we dedicated educational area named Canon Medical Academy Europe. Visitors can access the academy during the five-day event where they can attend live workshops, demonstrations, and presentations led by world-leading experts in radiology. In collaboration with the European Society of Radiology (ESR), Canon Medical is preparing the next generation in radiology.

Need for Innovation

Innovation is the key to continuously meeting the industry's evolving challenges and maintaining the relevance and effectiveness of healthcare. Our company is committed to a continuous process of innovation, developing and launching new products on a regular basis. At ECR 2024, we are proud to present no fewer than four new models on top of many other meaningful innovations. Our innovations also include AI solutions, powered By Altivity, to improve image quality (Precise IQ Engine - PIQE in CT and MR) and workflow efficiency (INSTINX in CT, Walklink in MR), technologies for efficient equipment management, such as VINA Analytics. We are proud to collaborate with leading academic and clinical sites worldwide. Our first-rate partners are of great importance in making innovation possible and meaningful. We work with global research pioneers to develop and validate technologies that will transform healthcare in the future. Our partnership program is constantly expanding.

Every Product or service we launch is a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation. We do not just follow trends; we create them. Our new models are living proof that we are pioneers and leaders in the field.

Accessibility to Care

Geographical disparities in access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment restrict the ability of healthcare facilities to offer equitable care. Mobile imaging units, such as trucks equipped with dedicated equipment, can reach populations in remote or underserved areas, helping to reduce inequalities in access to care. Our mobile imaging solutions, integrating our new models, convey our "Made for Life" philosophy by ensuring that advanced healthcare is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

What's more, remote support by experts using tools such as ApliGate in ultrasound or INNERVISION enables local healthcare professionals to benefit from specialist advice, improving the quality of care in remote areas. Our innovations aim to eliminate barriers to access to healthcare.

Earlier diagnosis

The evolving expectations of patients and the need for earlier diagnosis, particularly for serious diseases such as cancer, call for a more personalized and advanced approach. The development and launch of new products incorporating advanced technologies, including AI, enable more personalized care. These innovations are able to offer more accurate and faster diagnoses, crucial in the treatment of diseases such as lung cancer. Canon Medical is ready to support lung cancer-screening programs thanks to its mobile solutions and a new range of CT with dedicated tools, such as the SilverBeam. The Automation Platform, meanwhile, dramatically reduces processing times for large volumes of images, giving doctors rapid access to results, which is essential in stroke management, for example.


The environmental impact of medical imaging equipment and the necessity of extending its lifespan are growing concerns. The development of more compact equipment, using recyclable materials and low energy consumption, addresses these concerns, while reducing the carbon footprint during manufacture. Our new models are a perfect example of our "Made for Life" commitment, with their eco-responsible design, using recyclable materials and optimizing energy consumption.

At Canon Medical Systems, we are proud of our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our proactive efforts to reduce the use of contrast media are improving patient safety, reducing hospital costs and minimizing environmental impact through technologies such as Virtual Contrast Boost, our deep learning Advanced Intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) powered by Altivity, in combination with low KVp in CT and non-contrast angiographic imaging in MR.

With Secondlife, our refurbish company, we can not only recycle used equipment, but also refurbish it for extended use, helping to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Sustainability is not an option, it's a necessity.

Cost pressure

With increasing budget constraints and new organizations, including radiologist mergers, it's crucial to manage costs effectively while maintaining quality of care. By designing more compact, energy-efficient equipment, we are helping to reduce operational and investment costs over the long term. Automation and the integration of AI into medical workflows can significantly improve operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Together wih you, we give back to communities

Some of our work extends beyond the hospital, well into the community. In the UK, we have collaborated with local authorities to build the UK's first carbon-neutral community arena with a multi-purpose sports facility and integrated medical diagnostic center.
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